Langue parole

Langue/Parole wants you to become a self-reliant language user, whatever language you choose. We want you to have fun discovering the language. We want to inspire you to use the language out there, in the real world.Langue/Parole brings the language to life. We hope our passion inspires yours.


In addition to our language training and coaching services, Langue/Parole offers a wide range of language solutions. Our services are entirely dedicated to your personal and professional goals. We cater to your needs, we teach to the test, we deliver to the deadline.

Langue parole?

Do you want to know more about the origins of the name Langue/Parole? Google “Ferdinand de Saussure” and you’ll understand why we chose our name! How highly intellectual and culturally sophisticated we are, aren’t we?

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— Julie Pittevils, art director – pittevils.com

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