What we do

We love our languages savagely. We inspire self-reliance. We encourage the fearful. We salvage the hurt. We explain the inexplicable. We show the way and are there with you on its every step.

Language Training

You pick a language and we will take care of the rest. Language Training is the perfect formula for mastering a new language. It covers various themes, with topical issues as the main theme. You learn the most important aspects of the language and its pitfalls.

Language Coaching

Perhaps you use a language other than your mother tongue in the workplace and feel a tad uncomfortable with it? Then Language Coaching is the formula for you! We work very closely with you to meet your professional needs and we are highly flexible in our approach.


Are you looking for a more reliable translation for your commercial communication than what translation robots can give you? Then count on our proofread translations!  We not only check for grammar and spelling, but also adapt the style and tone to your target audience.

Strategic Multi-

Larger organisations and companies do not only rely on language lessons, but generally benefit from a Larger Strategic Plan. We assess your organisation’s language potential and human capital in order to embed multilingualism in your structure in a sustainable way.

Creative Writing

Are you looking for inspiring communication with texts and visuals that have just that one little something special? Our copywriters spice up your website, prune your newsletters and wrap your corporate communication in the most festive wrapping paper.

À la carte

You want a wicked combination of all this and more. You have an idea, but you don’t quite know how you want it developed. You are a visionary with a clear view on multilingualism and its implementation. Make us a suggestion! We will gladly play along with it.

Want more?

We are happy to help you and answer your questions.